16th Annual Donate Life Run/Walk

Team Vicki

In the early evening of July 5th, 2008, my beautiful mum, Vicki Leal (Straka), decided to take her horse out for a trail ride. Mere hours later, our family was gathered around her bed side in the UCI Medical Center for Neurology. Through tear-clouded eyes, I looked upon the battered figure that barely resembled my mum, immersed in the unease of her artificially rhythmic breathing. A tentative One Legacy representative entered the room, baring the forms for her organ donation. Of course, mum had always talked about the importance of being a donor, so we consented to donating her major organs without pause. When the soft-spoken woman inquired further about donating her tissue and eyes, we were frankly stunned. I was initially appalled by this suggestion, which she was clearly used to, but after hearing about the multitude of good that could come from these gifts, it became obvious that mum would've wanted to give anything and everything to help others. I lost so many things that day: my mother, my best friend, my faith, and undoubtedly a piece of myself. But her selfless donation of life to countless others was the silver lining to an otherwise senseless tragedy. For those who loved Vicki, love our family, or simply want to support One Legacy, please consider donating to our team. One organ donor can save eight lives, and with an average of twenty people dying daily while waiting for an organ transplant, your contribution to this cause is pivotal. 

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To make a contribution, please click on the “Give Now” button on this screen or ifyou wish to mail in your contribution, please follow the link below to download a printable contribution form to mail in with your form of payment.

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