15th Annual Donate Life Run/Walk

Kirsten our Dancing Angel


To all friends and family of Kirsten Michelle Hopkin, I am sending information about what an incredible woman and humanitarian she really was. She was a Beautiful soul and a giver, please take a moment to see just how much she gave.

If you do not know about organ donation or understand how truly important and how much of a gift it really is ( Believe me, I did not " Really " understand, until my daughter, my sweetheart, became an organ donor), please do not hesitate to contact me about this charity event.

Yes, another charity event! I am trying to raise a team of at least 20 to 25 people, in  Kirsten's honor. If you are interested please contact me, I tried to make the information I sent as easy to read as possible. But if you know me..... and how computer illiterate I am, I will not hesitate to talk with you:)

The cost is a few hours of your time, 7am- 1 pm and $20-$25 minimum. Not only am I doing this for Kirsten, Of course, the most important issue is awareness. I had no real idea, Just how important organ donation is. Can you imagine if one of your loved ones needed a kidney, a heart, liver, eye tissue? Think about the most important person in your life and what you would do to save it.

I know it's short notice, $20 if I get it in before March 24,  $25 after if you're on my team. After that, if you just show up, there's different prices which I have information, The highest cost is only $40. The event is in about 6  weeks,  the date is April 29, 2017. And I know we are all busy, but, if you are interested, if your are family, or a friend, most importantly somebody who loved Kirsten, Please join the team. You don't even have to walk or be there for the 1K or 5K,  you just join the team. You get a Tshirt or a hat, but most importantly, you're spreading awareness about organ donation! If you don't want to be part of the team and you just want to donate to One Legacy, that is an option as well.

If anything, please read the letters, to see what Kirsten's donations did for so many others. They are posted on my FB page as well as Kirsten's.


Every day, I feel as if my heart was ripped out and put back in again.....Organ Donation saves lives, the more awareness, less broken hearts.


Thank you for taking the time to read,


Kirsten's mom and family





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To make a contribution, please click on the “Give Now” button on this screen or ifyou wish to mail in your contribution, please follow the link below to download a printable contribution form to mail in with your form of payment.

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